Morgan Plus 4

Morgans motor cars are hand built by the Morgan Motor Company who are located in Malvern, Worcestershire.

I bought my Morgan Plus 4 from Oakmere Motors in 2019 when it was 8 months old. The previous owner traded it in against a new Morgan Plus Four CX version (The CX body Morgan are a monocoque design, whereas my Morgan is one of the last of the “traditional’s” with a steel ladder chassis and leaf springs). Mine is a 110 year anniversary edition.

The CX Platform Morgans have independent suspension all round and are powered by BMW engine’s. The Plus Four is a turbocharged 4 cylinder 2 litre engine available with manual or automatic gearboxes. The Plus Six is a 6 cylinder 3 litre engine, only available with an automatic gearbox.

My Morgan has a Ford 2 litre, 4 cylinder GDI engine (Fords first naturally aspirated Gas Direct Injection engine) mated with a Mazda MX5 gearbox.

With it being a GDI engine there is an ECU to manage the engine. Under the dashboard of my Morgan there is an OBD socket (OnBoard Diagnostics), which enables me to plug in a Bluetooth OBD dongle and read the data from the ECU. This can be very useful as the engine characteristics can be read in real time (by the passenger obviously) and you can see if there are any “tweaks” you might want to make to the setup of your engine. The OBD dongle will also read any fault codes if you are unlucky have them.