Garden Office / Mancave – Part 2

You’ve seen the posts about building the shed – Now to start fitting it out

First things first – POWER!!

Shed consumer unit all wired up Two circuits – Power & Lighting

Once we have power we can have SOUND!

Power on = Music ON
Let there be light………. 2 x Flat LED panels
Next major step was to fit the insulation material, which is fitted between the OSB sheets and the floorboards above
I used this product for the insulation – EcoQuilt
Once the floring is insulated – The walls and roof can be done
Continue insulating all the interior and cover with 6mm ply to create the inner walls / ceiling
Next is to line the floor with 6mm ply also – and then many, many, may coats of white emulsion, the first coat being a 50/50 water / paint mix, in order to get the paint to soak into the ply

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