Garden Office / Mancave – Part 2

You’ve seen the posts about building the shed – Now to start fitting it out

First things first – POWER!!

Shed consumer unit all wired up Two circuits – Power & Lighting

Once we have power we can have SOUND!

Power on = Music ON
Let there be light………. 2 x Flat LED panels
Next major step was to fit the insulation material, which is fitted between the OSB sheets and the floorboards above
I used this product for the insulation – EcoQuilt
Once the floring is insulated – The walls and roof can be done
Continue insulating all the interior and cover with 6mm ply to create the inner walls / ceiling
Next is to line the floor with 6mm ply also – and then many, many, may coats of white emulsion, the first coat being a 50/50 water / paint mix, in order to get the paint to soak into the ply

Latest Tattoo

On Friday 6th July I was booked in for my latest tattoo at Chapel Street Tattoo Studio with Steve Elstone .
A session from 10:30am till 5:30pm resulted in the tattoo below.
An amazing piece of artwork and tattooing.
From the blocking in through to the fine detail, through to the shading and highlighting and finally the blue eyes which make this tattoo really “pop”

Thanks Ste!

Overall picture

Close up view showing the fine detail

Hello world!

New "Tech Toy" – Retro fit LED's on to an LG OLED 1080P TV
Kit is from
………. need to tidy up the wiring – job for the weekend…..

Posted by Ian Sharples on Wednesday, February 28, 2018