Garden Office / Mancave

Part of the garden needed tidying up / renovating


So I stripped it out
Then the timber I ordered arrived on Friday 28th June
Firstly the floor joists

Then the first layer of flooring
I then used the base of the shed as a base to build the first sections of wall

And this is the current state of play as of Thursday 14th June
Roof joists staring to be fitted – Then add barge boards and then roofing on Sunday 24th June

As of 8:30pm Tuesday 19th June
As of Friday morning 29th June
Spray painting the UPVC window seems to have worked – It was white – now “matt Signal Black”
Double glazed skylight fitted
Adds an awful lot more light, so I’ve invested in another and will be fitting it at the earliest opportunity
View from the next door neighbours garden (fence panels removed so I could paint / fit trim boards / paint and guttering) Fence panels are back in place now
Stable door fitted – will be removed at a later date for cleaning up / painting

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